Ryde, All Saints




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Ringing Times
 8 bells, 26-2-2 Tuesday 7.30
Sunday 9.30
Upstairs, 60ft stone spiral staircase from outside church  OS map link
Church car park at the west end of church (parking restrictions: enter your registration on the terminal in the ringing room else face a fine), on the main Newport-Ryde road. Train stations (Ryde Esplanade or Ryde St Johns, see map link above) but bring your climbing boots: it is all up hill, and is the course for one of the toughest marathons in England. These Taylors bells of 1886 and are the heaviest eight on the Island and in the W&P Guild, although some have a reputation as being odd struck. The bells sound a bit shrill inside, but VERY nice outside. Cafes etc. in the high street, north east from church; best pubs are probably "The Castle" where John Street meets the High Street

The 180ft tower, designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott, dominates the skyline above Ryde, and is used as a land mark on Admiralty charts. The church was started in 1869 with the tower added in 1881-82. The location of the tower and the weight of the bells ensure that the bells can be heard over a large distance: Portsmouth on a good day!

The bells were all cast by Taylors in 1886 at a time when the foundry was making great progress in tuning and installation, and are hung between oak beams in a metal "A" frame at the base of the spire. The bells were rehung and fitted with ball bearings in 1933.

Treble John Taylor Loughborough 1886 5-2-16 Eb
2 John Taylor Loughborough 1886 6-0-10 D
3 John Taylor Loughborough 1886 7-0-4 C
4 John Taylor Loughborough 1886 9-0-0 Bb
5 John Taylor Loughborough 1886 10-2-11 Ab
6 John Taylor Loughborough 1886 12-0-18 G
7 John Taylor Loughborough 1886 17-1-5 F
Tenor John Taylor Loughborough 1886 26-2-2 Eb