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Current version: 1.04
(July 2002)

dated 31-Jul-2002

microSIRIL has long been the "Gold Standard" for peal proving programs and uses a proof engine PROVE.COM written by Sam Wilmott and based on programs & algorithms by Andrew Craddock & Hamish McNaughton.

SIRILIC uses the same input files as microSIRIL, adds a few extra features, and can run PROVE.COM in the background as a double check

It has the following features:

* It is FREE .. well, postcardware actually, a postcard showing any tower in "Dove" to Steve *
* Up to 16 bells *
* Provides a Windows front end to microSIRIL *
* Spawns microSIRIL to check it creates IDENTICAL output (on up to 12 bells) *
* Can search for musical groups of changes of your choice *
* Can identify which leads of each method each bell rings, to check for "atw" *
* Can "prove" 1440s, 5040s of Minor, 10,080s Triples etc. *

NEW VERSION v1.04 available July 2002
Proper documentation (program & full syntax), easier to use & install,
now includes PROVE.COM from microSIRIL as part of the ZIP
v1.03 includes 1440s, better interface & better error reports
v1.04 allows a "Debug" mode in spawning the microSIRIL PROVE.COM
rtf manualA manual giving basic instructions on how to set it up and run it; right click and "Save Target As" to start the download (zipped to 65k bytes). Also available as a PDF File (220k bytes) SIRILIC zip fileA zip file containing the program and the initialisation file; right click it and "Save Target As" to start the download (287k bytes)

Please let me know about any problems you have; if you find ANY files that give different output to microSIRIL then please tell me. I now have a set of 70 test files to check that SIRILIC output is identical to PROVE.COM

This is the list of things that people have found:


microSIRIL method libraries (look for the MSLIBS.ZIP file)

Thinks .. isn't progress wonderful .. Andrew devised microSiRiL for a 2MHz BBC computer & PROVE.COM is 4k bytes, but SIRILIC weighs in at over 500k bytes!